Other places I can be found on the Haternet:

• Facebook (You're already on it all day at work, so why not click "like" on my stuff?
• Twitter.com/Apey (Apes was already taken, unfortch.)
• Instagram.com/aprilrich (Full of photos of dumb/funny signs! With more to come!)
• songsthatsavedyourlife.tumblr.com (I post a song when I can & my story that goes with it.)
• aprilrichardson.tumblr.com (There's some real serious/sappy stuff here; you've been warned.)
remarkablydressed.com (A FASHION BLOG. I know. Barf. But I just really like clothes, okay?)
• oldrockdudeswithmegryanhair.tumblr.com (Another one from April & Millie Enterprises.)
• Last.fm/emotionlotion (Because you're dying to know exactly how many Morrissey songs I listened to today.)